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Use this social media policy model to show how your social media marketing business is best at fulfilling this important marketing role. This agreement begins on the date the customer is signed and will continue as long as the customer wishes to continue advertising on the station`s radio stations. PandaTip: Adjust this model by filling in the tokens on the right. You can add all the additional information you need before you send it to the signature. PandaTip: Be sure to fully describe the advertising services your customer purchases in this section of the PandaTip model: you and your customer can sign this contract model from any phone or mobile device. PandaDoc e-signatures are legally binding and you can follow this agreement if your client receives, opens, displays and signs them. The terms of this contract are governed by the laws of [Station.State]. All disputes or legal proceedings are submitted and resolved through a neutral arbitrator at [Station.State]. If the advisor and the client were to argue, both parties agree that the dominant party will be reimbursed by the opposing party for all of its legal costs, including legal fees. The customer can terminate this contract at any time by sending the Station a written message by email or authenticated email. Both parties undertake to exempt each other from any liabilities or damage resulting from the performance of this radio advertising agreement and to stand unscathed. Station accepts that the content of the customer`s ads remains the customer`s intellectual property and agrees not to make any further claims.

The customer agrees that Station uses the customer`s trademarks, slogans and marks for advertising purposes, in accordance with the provisions of this radio advertising agreement. The above parties (called “Station” and “customer”) include a formal business relationship in which the customer agrees to acquire the advertising time on the station station, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this radio advertising agreement. The customer agrees to make the payment at the station no later than the 3rd of each calendar month by cheque, credit card or electronic transfer. The customer agrees to pay the following monthly price as payment for the station running their ads in accordance with the above advertising plan: Station agrees to advertise the customer according to the following air schedule: [Radio.AdvertisingSchedule].