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“The real work is now beginning to implement the agreements and ensure that local groups benefit from their commitment,” he said. “Badimia are looking forward to a good relationship with Minjar Gold,” said Reg Yates, chairman of the Badimia task force. “It is important that this agreement grants preferential contracts to Badimia companies. It`s very valuable, because it allows us to be partners, and it gives badimia a sense of pride. In 2011, four Pilbara native winners signed full native title contracts with Rio Tinto Eisenerz. In 2012 followed a fifth group, Yinhawangka. The Yawuru Prescribed Body Corporate Indigenous Land Use Agreement and Yawuru Area Agreement Indigenous Land Use Agreement (yawuru Agreements) are located between the VA government, the Yawuru people and other parts and cover approximately 973 square kilometres of land in and around Broome. The agreements reached in 2010 address rural development issues by resolving heritage issues and absething the state of any liability for Compensation related to Rubibi rights. The agreements also offer $56 million in monetary policy benefits for the Yawuru: Four Pilbara shares native claim The groups have announced that they have signed Australia`s most comprehensive native title contracts with Rio Tinto. Read summaries of the two agreements on the “Negotiated Agreements, Contracts and Comparisons” website.

Strict corporate governance and benefit management structures have been put in place to ensure the proper implementation of the agreements. Since the signing of the agreements, YMAC has assisted the five groups in appointing agents and has created its own companies that meet the requirements of the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) and the Corporation (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act). The Badimia People, a traditional owners in the VA Midwest, have signed a national title agreement with Minjar Gold for its planned mining operations and future expansions, approximately 400 km northeast of Perth. YMAC chief executive Simon Hawkins said the four Aboriginal groups had worked tirelessly to reach an agreement with Rio Tinto. The total area of the agreement is approximately 70,000 square kilometres and includes the existing Brockman 4, Mesa A, Mesa J, Hope Downs mines, as well as all future Rio Tinto mines and operations in the national claims. “This unique agreement is due to the real goodwill and flexibility of both parties and recognizes the cultural and ecological importance of the territory to traditional owners.