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The remaining 10% of the country in Fiji is property. Foreigners can buy islets of property, but they need the approval of the Ministry of the Land for the property of one hectare. To purchase a residential property of less than one hectare, buyers need a residence or work permit. The government actively encourages foreign investment and there are several programs to promote tourism development. Before moving on to the role of each party`s lawyers in the sale and purchase process, we must keep in mind that it has become an internal policy of real estate agents to submit a pre-established purchase and sale contract that they require from a potential buyer to show that they are “really interested”. There is obviously no downside to this (unless misleading or misleading measures are taken on behalf of the agent or company to obtain your signature). However, we recommend to any potential buyer that a qualified and experienced lawyer have an agreement verified before being executed, as you are bound by their terms and conditions after they are signed, whether or not these conditions are reasonable for you. Everyone has the right to legal advice and if you do not agree with the form of an agreement, you also have the right to negotiate amendments to the agreement to better protect your interests. Fiji consists of more than 320 islands, many of which are uninhabited. The main island of Vitu Levu contains the capital Suva to the east and Nadi (pronounced “Nandi”) on the west coast. Nadi is the location of the international airport. Most Fiji islands are volcanic, but none of Fiji`s volcanoes are currently active.

If all Fijian islands were counted, they would easily be counted by the thousands. Only 106 of Fiji are inhabited; some of them are available for private purchase. Non-residents who purchase real estate in Fiji are subject to 10% of the counterpayment for real estate, while 5% of stamp duty is paid on the principal amount of the mortgage. Selling your home is an important step and it is advisable to take into account the different taxes and steps to ensure that the process goes smoothly for you as a seller, for the buyer and all parties involved. These are documents that are created and signed when you buy or sell your property (authentic or personal) or sell businesses. The buyer is responsible for paying the stamp duty. 45.-1) Goods are considered to be in transit, from the date they are delivered to a carrier by land, air or river, or to any other leaseee or custodier, for the purpose of transmission to the purchaser, until the buyer or his representative withdraws them on that behalf from that organization or another leaseee or client. 2. If the buyer or his representative recovers the delivery of the goods on this behalf before they arrive at the agreed destination, the transit is complete. 3. If the carrier or any other leaser recognizes the purchaser or agent, upon arrival of the goods at the agreed destination, that he holds the goods on his behalf and still holds them as a bailee or custodier for the purchaser or his service companion, the transit is complete and it does not matter whether the buyer has indicated another destination for the goods.

4. If the goods are refused by the buyer and the carrier or any other Bailee or Custodier is still in possession of them, the transit is not considered complete, even if the seller refused to recover it. 5. If the goods are delivered to a vessel chartered by the purchaser, the question arises, depending on the circumstances, as to whether they are owned by the master as a carrier or representative of the purchaser. 6. If the carrier or any other bailee or custodier unduly refuses to deliver the goods on that behalf to the purchaser or his representative, the transit is deemed to be over. 7. Where the partial delivery of the goods to the purchaser or his representative has been made on that behalf, the rest of the goods may be stopped in transit, unless that partial delivery is made in circumstances that include proof of an agreement to process the possession of all the goods.