Kangoo Jumps

This multi-functional fitness boot can be worn indoors, outdoors. in rain or even snow. You can run, dance, cross-fit training, exercise in any way and everyday. Burning more calories in less time.

Boston Jumps is introducing you to rebounding in Kangoo Jump boots the most effective and safest type of sport/ fitness to date, helping to achieve fast and desired results in the shortest possible time, protecting your body from harmful effects on joints up to 80% and burning more than 1000 calories in 1 hour of training! This is one of the most important advantages of Kangoo Jumps, classes in which give results already in the first two weeks of training!  > Join a class. Once you start you won’t stop!


Want a FUN full body workout thats low impact? Boston Jumps offers the ultimate fun fitness exercise experience using Kangoo Jump rebound boots. The boots are like having mini trampolines on the bottom of your feet allowing you to jump into pure fun and get fit from head to toe. Be prepared to sweat and release those happy endorphines as you will burn through calories and be joyous doing so.

Kangoo Jumps have been sweeping the world by storm for more than 20 years originally engineered and designed for injured athletes and runners to help absorb 80% of impact to joints and bones. These are safer for you to walk, run or exercise in than a sneaker by safely securing your ankle in the boot. Recommended for physical therapy and sports medicine after recovering from surgery or injury to use to help strenthen damaged tissues and muscles.

No matter how old or unfit you are you can put these on and feel instantaneously powerful and strong! Along with feeling taller and leaner in the first minute.

Amy Brackman, owner is a certified Kangoo Jumps Instructor, trained internationally in both Kangoo Dance and Kangoo Power. Training along side International trainer and Master, Eduardo De Costa traveling from Brazil in USA 2016 & Canada in 2018 along with International Master Trainer, Dorina Rigo & fitness Guru- Becky Overbeck in 2019.

Amy has a group fitness certification and has also been certified in Pound Fit, Booty Barre and has a background in dance, cheer and gymnastics. Fitness and dance has always been an important part of Amy’s life. After a neck and back injury in her early 20’s and then starting a family in her 30’s along with launching her own spa business. All physical activities came to a halt, her real life took over.

This made difficult and became a challenge to find time for fitness and a workout suitable for her injuries.

Amy went on a mission to find the most unique, fun and efficient low impact workout. In her journey, Amy found the health benefits of rebounding /jumping on a trampoline was one of the healthiest and safest exercise. NASA said rebounding was the best exercise ever devised by man. This led her to discover the revolutionary world of Kangoo Jump boots. Kangoo Jumps is the worldwide leading brand for safe mobile rebound exercise. They have created a new way of life delivering fun, fitness and health for all ages. They absorb up to 80% of impact on stress of your joints and bones. Offering more than 33 health benefits including the heart, spine, bones, joints and the lymphatic system. Keeping everyone safe and healthy from the minute they slide the boots on. Check out Benefits of Kangoo Jumps……..

We currently offer

Fun Runs, Fundraising, Classes, One on One’s, Boot Camps, Kids Camps and will be offering family classes.

We offer the boots as a rental for adults and kids ages 45lbs & up.