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Join our movement in helping kids and adults of all ages having fun getting fit all while receiving more than 33 health benefits.

Boston Jumps offers so many opportunities for individuals, Studios, Fitness centers, Health care or weight loss facilities to join into a partnership with us..

You will be joining forces with Boston Jumps as the first USA company to BRAND: Fitness and Fun safely using Kangoo Jumps like they are used Nationwide in other countries by our other affiliates, trainers, and instructors.

Want to work with Boston Jumps or become a Boston Jumps Instructor? If you are passionate about fitness, people, music and health than we want to meet you. If you are currently aren’t a group fitness instructor but love Kangoo Jumps and considering to become one then reach out and we will help inform you of your next steps. Are you currently a Group Fitness Instructor teaching and or work or own a Studio or Gym and want to offer KJ Classes. Contact us so we can help get you professional trained and certified in our programs where you can teach nationwide.

We offer five specific programs that Kangoo Jumps offers,

Kangoo Power, Kangoo Boot Camp, Kangoo Dance, Kangoo Kick Punch or Kangoo Kids Discovery

choose which one you prefer and obtain your certification.