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As large companies typically need a more customized collection solution, we can work closely with you to provide what you need at the right price, all with the comfort of a formal service level agreement. 10. The Client may recall an account at any time during the course of this Agreement and the Agency shall return it immediately upon request, subject to the conditions set out in paragraph 13. When selecting a collection partner, there is a lot to consider. Does the Agency have the right experience, references and a solid track record? Can you offer the level of service, cultural fit and transparency you`re looking for? As collection partners of choice for some of the world`s leading brands, members of the Credit Services Association and fully licensed by the FCA, we have a proven history of creating value and delivering excellent results to customers across a wide range of industries. This agreement is entered into and entered into on the date set forth below between the signed Client and Apex Debt Collection Services (Agency), with the Agency endeavouring, as an independent third party provider, to recover certain “accounts” representing the funds due to the Client. 6. The Client undertakes to immediately inform the Agency of all payments and/or agreements received directly with the Client`s debtor, and the Client forwards all calls from the Debtor to the Agency. Whether you`re about to offer a loan or your business is struggling to find a debtor, Hilton-Baird`s debtor prosecution services could be a valuable resource. We can conduct a comprehensive review of your collections process and provide expert recommendations for improvements. In addition, if necessary, we can collect particularly old debts or offer temporary credit control.

1. In the landslide account that the Client may send from time to time to the Agency for collection, the Agency will exercise due diligence and make every reasonable efforts to collect such accounts in accordance with this Agreement. From collecting corporate debts to providing a fully confidential credit monitoring service, all from the comfort of a service level agreement – we can merge a solution that meets your specific needs. 3. The Client shall pay to the Agency and the Agency shall accept by the Client as compensation for collection services in accordance with this Agreement, in accordance with the conditions set out in Annex “A”. 9. Either party may terminate this Agreement without justification by being modest in writing to the other party thirty (30) days in advance, and the Agency will deliver to the Client all accounts (as well as all documents and documents relating to this account). 11.

The Agency is entitled to a fee set out in Schedule “A” for all recoveries related to accounts returned for ninety (90) days after the accounts have been returned or the agreement has been terminated. In the event of an account being recalled due to insufficient collection efforts by the Agency, the Agency shall not be entitled to commissions on amounts subsequently recovered by the client. 4. The Agency is entitled to charge a commission on amounts recovered by the client from accounts that the client has sent to the Agency and that have not been returned to the client in accordance with the terms of the contract or paid directly to the client. Taking into account the reciprocal agreements and conditions contained therein, the parties agree: 7. All funds collected by the Agency from accounts sent to it by the client shall be transferred to the client, net of commissions, accompanied by a broken down report indicating the accounts from which the recoveries have been made and the amounts of the fee, which are due to the Agency for such recoveries. These transfers are made monthly. 8.

All funds collected by the Agency in accounts sent to it by the client shall be kept by the Agency in a separate trust account and shall not be mixed with other funds or funds until they are transferred to the client. . . .