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8. Full agreement. These provisions form the whole agreement between the parties to this Agreement and resolve all previous communications, assurances, expectations, agreements and agreements contained orally or in writing between the parties or their respective representatives regarding the purpose of this Agreement and may only be amended or amended by a written agreement signed by the parties. Any declaration of intent would involve an agreement between the parties. They are considered binding by the parties when they have no rights. If you want to create a good model, it should contain: 3. Term and termination. The agreements and agreements set out in this agreement are in effect until the conclusion of the formal agreement or until [the date of entry], depending on the previous date. The duration can only be renewed with the written agreement of both parties. 4. the services provided by the contracting parties. The parties agree to cooperate in good faith to ensure the implementation of the project and each party will endeavour to provide the following services in achieving the project objectives: a) the services provided by [PARTY 1] i. [Enter Services] b.

services provided by [PARTY 2] i. [Enter Services] 2. Mutual understanding. It is agreed by mutual agreement between the parties and between them that: a. The parties agree to cooperate in good faith and to participate fully in the development of the draft conclusion of the formal agreement; B. This agreement does not limit the possibility of one of the parties reaching an agreement with other third parties with respect to the proposed project or any other proposed project of the same nature; c. This agreement does not create a binding agreement and does not apply to any of the parties. Only the formal agreement duly executed and rendered by the contracting parties is applicable and replaces the provisions of this agreement and all other arrangements and arrangements between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement; D.