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The default agreement settings in the billing plan are used, unless the imputation settings are specified. If a billing agreement is successfully established, the purpose of the contract contains the authorization link. This is the URL under which the customer must be redirected to approve the billing contract. It`s working for me. The customer is charged after about 5 minutes of the contract execution. Create a new billing agreement by putting the details of the agreement, including name, description, start date, payer and billing plan, back into the JSON requirement. Reactivate a suspended billing agreement by handing over the ID of the agreement to the corresponding URI. Also pass an item agreement_state_descriptor in the JSON requirement, which contains an indication as to why the status of the agreement was changed and the amount and currency of the agreement. This PHP code is executed with the details of the billing plan when sending the subscription form. This code retrieves the context object PayPal API by authenticating with API login information. Replace the CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET you received by creating the REST PayPal API app.

We have already seen this when implementing PayPal fund. I can charge immediately if I set the installation fee as was done during profiling, but it also means that I have to charge my start date of 1 month. If I send the current date of 4 hours, everything works. The current utc time is 8 p.m., so adding 4 hours means the start_date is tomorrow. The subscription payment stream is simple with two or three steps. View a subscription button in the app with which you promote your product or services. Create a PHP service to view the subscription payment code to create and activate/approve the billing plan and agreement. Can you finally clarify the hell of these dates and times, as no one really knows and that it`s quite annoying? The documentation contains no mention setup_fee and indicates that start_date is necessary. Either they`re wrong, or the documentation is. If the debiteur approves the agreement and wishes to continue the payment, the recall is called as indicated in the settlement plan. All this seems to work, but I want to recharge the user now and every month in the future. If I start_date now in stage 3, I have a mistake, it must be in the future.

If I have paid it in the future, no charge will be charged to the user. I spoke to a PayPal collaborator and discovered that start_date must be tomorrow or later.