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Get an honest opinion from your agent, as reasonable – or unreasonable – they think your offer was when you are in this situation. You may already have an idea because your agent warned you that the price you proposed was particularly “low ball.” Or a seller could find himself in the middle of a sticky situation resulting in delays, such as financial difficulties. B, resulting in a short sale or divorce. You can ask your agent to ask discreet questions to see if there may be extorting circumstances that stop the answer. But what`s common for your market might be different. For example, if the seller does not sign the offer until 17 .m the third day after the buyer is signed, the California home purchase contract has specific rules that state that an offer is “deemed revoked and that the down payment, if it exists, is refunded to the buyer.” Sometimes a seller delays the reaction to show the property to more buyers, then compares the different offers side by side. The choice you make depends on the conditions of the local marketplace, how much you really want the property and whether you have other options to use. Unless, of course, you are trying to buy a property and the seller takes forever to meet your offer. This is not only a frustrating situation, but the seller may end up keeping your hands tied, while other good offers pass in front of you. This is the best possible result for a buyer who makes an offer. All the terms and contingencies of the sales contract were agreed upon by the seller without modification. As a buyer, your next step is to open the trust and plan a tour of the house.

You have finally found the house of your dreams and you have decided to make an offer. With the help of your real estate agent and lender, you determine the amount and terms of your offer. Once you have sent the offer to the seller, you will have the difficult task of waiting. You may be wondering how long you will have to choose to accept or decline your offer. Here`s what you need to know. The RPA-CA form, the California housing purchase agreement, provides that an offer is deemed to be revoked if it is not signed by the seller and returned to the buyer on the third day after the buyer signs up to 17.m. A buyer may enter a particular date into the contract or respect the default of the third day. If you are concerned about how long a seller may need a response, discuss with your REALTORĀ® setting a contractual deadline in your offer. The Michigan Real Estate Contract provides for a temporary section in which buyers can set an expiration date for their offer. If there is no response after the date and time indicated, the contract is not valid.