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If you have any questions about the sales contract, contact the Industrial Program Coordinator at 604-252-6233 or email As soon as the LDB confirms the manufacturer`s classification and obtains a signed agreement, it informs the LCRB. The applicant reviews and refers the agreement signed by e-mail to the LDB. Please take the time to verify and understand the terms and conditions of the sales contract. WeedTM will supply the BC market with cannabis products from October 2018. This agreement is another important step in Weed`s strategic plan to develop a national platform for the company`s national medical and adult product distribution, building on the recent announcement of WeedTM`s respective delivery agreements with The Alberta Gaming, and Liquor Cannabis Commission (AGLC) and Shoppers Drug Mart1. WeedTM is actively working with other provincial distributors, regulators and retailers to expand its adult distribution program, especially as the company has completed the final phase of its 220,000 m2 greenhouse upgrade in its 610,000 m2 greenhouse located in Strathroy, Ontario. BC Cannabis Stores and licensed private retailers access the same range of wholesalers. The process by which private retailers access the LDB`s online sales portal will be published at a later date. LDB assigns the applicant a single affiliate number for the sales statement and a vendor number to use for all product registrations. The LDB is also eager to get in touch with artisanal producers as soon as they have obtained the appropriate authorisation for microculture and micro-processing.

This process is expected to be implemented by Health Canada in 2018 and will allow small artisanal cannabis producers to enter into legal sales contracts. WeedTM Inc. is the publicly traded parent company of Weed Rx Inc., a producer and distributor of medical cannabis and publicly licensed oils under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). The company operates a 26,000-square-metre interior development in Aylmer, Ontario, and a second growing site in its Strathroy, Ontario greenhouse, covering 610,000 square metres or 14 hectares under glass. WeedTM has contracted in addition to strategic relationships with established cannabis brands. WeedTM focuses on making medical cannabis available to seniors` markets in Canada through its proprietary aged care program. It is dedicated to educating physicians and promoting public understanding of the role of medical cannabis, including regulatory requirements, indications and potential side effects. To the extent that the takers have sold their sales above or above the minimum wholesale price of the LDBs, sellers can go to their own selling prices. The directive provides a new source of revenue and increased support for licensed catering establishments that have temporarily closed.

However, private liquor stores that have closed temporarily cannot sell their existing inventory under the directive and can only buy. Prior to the adoption of the directive, the LBD required that all stocks of spirits used in hotels and private liquor stores be purchased directly from LBD warehouses. In the event that a licensed hotel wishing to enter into a private sale of spirits, each private sale of spirits required LBD to act as an intermediary between the private supplier and the end customer. While the directive does not amend the prohibition on licensed restaurants to purchase domestic or U-Brew alcohol, as described in the Liquor Control and Licensing Act, it does waive the 5% administrative fee levied by LDB for private sales.