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New measures to restore salaries, which are expected in the coming months for higher-paid staff in the public service, will cost 42 million euros, according to the Ministry of Public Expenditure. It came into force in January 2018, after being adopted by the majority of public service unions, including the three unions that then joined in the creation of F`rsa. It runs until December 31, 2020. Approximately 340,000 public service employees will receive 2% pay increases from the beginning of October. While the program itself runs until 2016, the wage element lasts 27 months and forecasts a cumulative increase of 10.38%. In the public service, the increases, subject to the PVG`s signature, are as follows: HSE Chief Paul Reid, who led the government`s negotiating team for the Haddington Road agreement, recently told the Industrial Relations News Conference that overtime should always be permanent, “as part of a sustainable model to improve the efficiency of public service.” The agreement also requires management to work with unions to minimize the use of temporary workers. And it includes guarantees on the use of internships, clinical internships, work experience and work activation measures, which state that there must be an “agreement on protocols” regarding these programmes. Over the next four years, total wage costs amount to more than EUR 400 million of the government`s salary forecast for the public service, before taking into account a wage agreement or a substantial increase in staff. Workforce, Pay and Pensions Team – HM Treasury Workforce Pay and Pensions Team HM Treasury, Zone 2 Red 1 Horse Guards Road London SW1A 2HQ Departments, should also work constructively with unions on developing their general compensation and reward strategies and find it useful to discuss proposals with unions during their development. After the agreement of the relevant Secretary of State, departments should enter into formal negotiations with their unions. However, if there were to be significant differences in these proposals in subsequent negotiations with the unions, they would, if necessary, have to be notified to the Secretary of State, the Office of the Cabinet or the United States Treasury before reaching a final agreement.

Any department that is not sure that what it proposes to agree is a significant difference from the one mentioned in the area of expertise should seek advice from the firm`s office. The agreement is based on a 3% increase in the payroll of the firm`s office. The deal will increase the lowest salary level in the department – the bottom of Group C – by 10% from $20,594 to $22,653. The minimum C-volume excluding capital will increase by 8%, from USD 17,489 to USD 18,890. Senior public servants and NDPB equivalents are not included in the public service salary board.