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“It has also brought greater responsibility to program managers. After all, it`s their budgets, not ours, so they say, “It`s your budget, you have to take responsibility.” Now, if a manager says his budget is bad, we can easily see who updated it for the last time. 1. Easy to use – to allow program managers with different computer skills to use budgeting with minimal training and support “This has also improved accountability, because if you`re in MAGIQ, you can figure out exactly what`s happening this year. The different dimensions that MAGIQ offers allow you to complete your granular ratio, such as . B on op-shop sales, without increasing the size of the Gl (General Ledger). Branigan said EBS launched the MAGIQ budgeting software in just one and a half days. Sacred Heart Mission General Manager Business Services, Cathy Branigan, called the budgeting before MAGIQ a “nightmare”.” “It was very tiring, because everything was based on Excel,” she said. “In the first year I was here, we had this huge budgeting table. I had over 40,000 lines in Excel over 12 months. You could do health checks, and a link would break.

It was just a nightmare. It was no longer suited to our level of business. The three non-negotiable requirements for budgeting the mission of the Sacred Heart of Jesus were: 3. NAV integration – to minimize manual logistics and enable the automation of the financial management of the mission of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The first step for sacred Heart Mission was in 2017 to replace its old Great Plains accounting software with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV financial management system, installed and configured by Melbourne-based business software specialist Evolution Business Systems (EBS). Branigan said the mission of the Sacred Heart of Jesus needed an automated system. “We don`t have a big back office, so we had to make it more automated,” she said. “We went to the market after talking to partners like Vinnies. From my experience in disability counselling, I have experience using systems such as SAP and Sage.

We evaluated four systems up. We were looking for ease of use, its ability to support our growth, and I was very interested in using OCR (Scanning and Optical Character Recognition) for purchase invoices. “We finally chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV from EBS, which was recommended by one of our partners. NAV is not only half the price of an SAP offer, but it is also equipped with our move to Microsoft Office 365. “We had real YTD figures next to last year`s budget. People were allowed to add things. We were able to see the whole entity at any time, and we could see trends, so if the cost of maintenance in an area exploded, we were able to drill in to see what those costs were related to. After the successful release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in 2017, the mission of the Sacred Heart of Jesus planned to plan the improvement of associated systems, such as. B the preparation of the budget.

“While NAV made things easier, Finance did all the work,” Branigan said. “The problem was that the financial team was fully committed to budgeting, not the program managers who were responsible for the expenditures, which was impossible. I was very interested in putting responsibility back in the hands of program managers, so we started looking for a system that would allow us to do that. “In 2018-19, the shared responsibility for budget planning was about 50/50, with finances overhead while program managers were making their own budgets. I think it worked out really well. “Funding has accelerated rapidly with MAGIQ, while our program managers, who are not particularly experienced in information technology, have found it easy to use.” Finally, the Mission of the Sacred Heart of Jesus opted for the MAGIQ budgeting solution proposed by EBS, which