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. – the establishment of estimates, if necessary, on behalf of the borrower (legal adviser, financial representative, representative of bondholders) – signing of the confidentiality agreement with potential investors and/or arranger[7] as soon as a mandate[8] is signed between the borrower and the arranger (if applicable). Other translations in the English-Polish dictionary. Restrictions may be set out in a transfer authorization clause (without prohibiting portability) – participation in a due diligence session in the form of a conference call (or otherwise) with the borrower`s managers on the basis of a questionnaire previously sent by the Arranger to the borrower. – monitoring the credit profile and meeting financial obligations and other obligations – the management of the resulting confidential and privileged information, if necessary, the establishment and provision of a file of presentation of a borrower[9] with the help of the arranger – if necessary, the settlement and provision of securities (bonds) (credit institution or investment firm authorized to invest) – regular evaluation of the listed bonds, if any . – receipt of contractual information and, if necessary, an annual meeting with the borrower. – advisor to the arranger: drafting the legal sections of the information memorandum or prospectus as well as the development and negotiation of contractual documents. issuing legal advice to the arranger (borrowing) and/or initial lenders (loans) and, if applicable, to identified secondary lenders; who subscribe to the loan within 15 days of signing (loans) – In the case of a Euro PP with securities interests, the representative of the bondholders may also be responsible for safeguarding security interests – Analysis of the information received (including the borrower`s submission file[16]), including credit risk and all available contractual obligations[17] and the request for additional information, if necessary, from external sources and cannot be correct. is not responsible for their content. – negotiating and signing a letter of commitment with the borrower[23], if necessary, with a duty of confidentiality – negotiating and signing the confidentiality agreement, if any, with investors and/or the borrower[24] – meeting with the borrower at a limited meeting of the committee.