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2. signing the grant agreement: refuse the signature button. The signatory of the coordinator`s project clicks refusing to sign the grant agreement. The meeting will then be referred to the EU representative, who can then postpone the workflow to the previous stage. The Leave button then appears and by clicking this button, the CAP completion stream is started accordingly. The end of the preparation of the grant contract is sustained. The consortium may decide to terminate the preparation of the grant contract during: (b) the basis of the termination. A grant may rightly be terminated by NRCS, subject to the negotiation and payment of reasonable termination fees. The reason for the termination by NRCS is as follows: 1. The NRCS, an advocate, may establish a declaration of intent to terminate the grant agreement on the basis of evidence of non-compliance with the terms of the grant agreement. The notice period has the force and effect of prolonging or altering the terms of the stay order. Any changes to the conditions of the suspension order must be indicated in the notice of contract and discussed with the administrative agency. The state defender must notify the administration in writing at least ten (10) days (certified mail, requested return confirmation) of the intention to terminate all or part of the grant.

(ii) In the event of termination of a grant contract, existing RCWP contracts and related obligations are transferred without delay and under no circumstances to the ASCS district office at the latest, to ensure continuity of payments to participants. NRCS, the national conservation officer, will immediately take steps under Section 634.15 to establish a new management authority to complete the project. (c) the effect of the granting of aid. 1. (i) In cases where the reason for the termination of financial assistance is based on the failure or incapacity of the administrative agency (point 634.17 (b) (1)), the administrative agency must repay or credit in the United States the portion of the grants paid or due to the administrative agency attributable to the end of the project. The funds necessary to carry out unavoidable obligations may be withheld. All other funds, including fees not allocated to existing RCWP contracts, executed prior to the termination date, will be refunded in the United States. The administrative agency does not take on new obligations or include new RCWP contracts.