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Flexibility to negotiate more favourable terms. A given business unit may negotiate preferential terms based on the volume it buys or the conclusion of a specific transaction than would be possible in a global agreement. Partner channels under a sharing agreement can also consolidate their programming activities: local news programs about the junior partner within the LMA, if they operated a separate information service prior to the creation of the LMA, can be reprogrammed or reduced to avoid direct competition with news programmes broadcast on the channel that acts as a main partner (the latter aspect is less common at LMAs which are less common at LMAs. television channels with one of the three largest television channels). Channels can collect messages Resources can be shared, but have separate news programs that are distinguished by their online presentation, anchoring and overall format, with varying degrees of autonomy; [37] In these cases, a newscast apparently separated on the broadcast channel in the duopoly may ultimately consist of repackaged news content from the other channel. [11] Channels can also consolidate their news programming under a single common brand. [23] [38] Contractual terms contrary to the collective agreement cannot be agreed either on the ground or in employment contracts. A business manager or staff delegate must always have a separate authorization from the party concerned when the local agreement is about to change what has been agreed in the employment contract of a single worker. Gannett Company`s acquisition of Belo in 2013 was denied by organizations such as the American Cable Association and Free Press, with Gannett planning to use LMAs and two Shell companies owned by former executives of Belo and Fisher Communications (Sander Media and Tucker Operating Co.) respectively to avoid Fcc-Cross ownership restrictions in Louisville, Phoenix, Oregon, Oregon and Tucson. While Gannett said the agreements were legal, Free Press President Craig Aaron said, “The FCC should not let Gannett break the rules. Consolidating the media leads to fewer journalists in the newsroom and fewer opinions on the radio.