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By submitting a video via an online web form on, they herely give the InFaith Community Foundation, its subsidiaries, their subsidiaries, their licensees, their representatives and successors and the beneficiaries of the assignment (“InFaith”), photos of me, photos of me, videos of me, sound recordings of me, my name and/or my oral statements (“my image”). to do and use. This permission and license allows InFaith to use and reuse my image, including all images, videos or sound recordings in which my image may be intact or partial, for commercial purposes, including, but not limited to use in internal and external communications and ads in all media. A release for the use of the parable is an important means of legal protection; Reproducing a person`s image without permission may be a violation of that person`s right, especially if the image is taken in an environment where he or she would expect privacy (including public spaces). In the case of celebrities, the use of the parable without consent may be a violation of trademark rights, so if in doubt, it is a good idea to obtain permission with permission for the use of the parable. You can specify in the version for the use of Likeness whether or not this authorization depends on the payment. And if the image of a minor or adult is under the tutelage of a legal guardian, you may need permission from the parent and/or legal guardian. If in doubt, speak to a lawyer. Other names for this document: I have obtained permission to use the parable SML Canada Acquisition Corp. and to their subsidiaries, associated companies, representatives, representatives and agents (together “Blondo”) the irrevocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, free permanent right and the license to use and display my photo (“photo”) for all purposes, including marketing, promotion or advertising, on all media channels and social platforms (now known or available below), without compensation, payment or other consideration.

Blondo may, at its sole discretion, use, display, modify, modify, reproduce, create, publish or distribute the photo as it sees fit for legitimate purposes, without any obligation or right to inspection or authorization. In addition, I allow Blondo to use my name, username, social media handle and/or parable, as shown in the photo (likes) in the context of using Blondo`s photo. I am over 18 years old and I have the right to conclude this agreement. I HAVE ABOVE AUTHORIZATION, RELEASE UND AGREEMENT UNDERSTAND THE CONTENTS THEREOF. I AM AWARE THAT THIS IS A PUBLICATION OF THE LIABILITY. This agreement is binding on me and my heirs, the legal representatives and the beneficiaries of the transfer. I understand and agree that I will not be able to verify or approve the way, the finished product or the method used to use my image. I free InFaith from liability for claims and claims arising from or related to the use of my image. I give back this consent, this license and this release for a good and precious consideration, of which I recognize the sufficient receipt and quantity. If you need to use a person`s image (for example. B a photo or video) in a post such as a newsletter, magazine or website, a release for Use of Likeness gives you the permission of the person in that image. I represent: (i) the photo is original and I own all the rights, including copyright, in and out of the photo, or that I have obtained the necessary permissions to grant the rights granted to it; (ii) if someone is depicted in the photo differently from me, I have obtained all the necessary authorizations and authorizations from that person to grant the privileges granted to Blondo, and that each person (s) in his legal residence is beyond the age of majority; and (iii) the use of Blondo`s photo and/or my like, as granted here, does not violate the rights of third parties or any law.