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In 2005, NECA and IBEW agreed on new worker classifications – Construction Wireman and Construction Electrician. The addendum CW/CE is an optional language that can be included in local internal agreements. Optional language is an acceptable language for the IBEW International Office and NECA National and may be included in the agreement if the local parties consent. In some cases, a language different from the one depicted may be used; However, some of these clauses must be used to the letter. The IRB meets four times a year to hear complaints, interpret existing agreements and arbitrate contract negotiations. In any event, the parties must have tried to resolve their differences at home, but they are at an impasse. In the electrical construction sector, NECA`s access to a productive and talented workforce makes everything possible. Agreements are an essential part of this process. The NECA has information and resources from employment contracts relating to Category I, Category II and optional language, ace letters, national and special agreements. Mr. Comstock said: “There were those who said that the proposal had no value.

The Council taught us how to create and maintain friendly relationships, work and management, and eliminate the strike. This elimination has been productive in achieving multi-million dollar savings to employers, workers and the public. It has established a new and original model of industrial relations and has demonstrated its effectiveness and usefulness to all concerned. “In Victoria, electrical companies that have union agreements have particular difficulties in gaining work. The high labour costs associated with these companies quickly made them incompetent. A worker who works in such companies currently receives $45.66 per hour for a 36-hour week, receives twice as much time for overtime and shift work, receives 26 days off per year and, in addition, has paid more than $120 per week on their behalf to a income and redundancy protection fund. These conditions are excellent for workers, but electricians cost their jobs on a daily basis. Mr. McCosh said so.

The Chapter Labor Agreement/Wages and Fringes Database contains the full text of local employment contracts, salaries and incidental performance data, as updated in the NECA chapters. Salary and performance information is also available from the CLRC. However, the number of decisions taken by the E NET is only part of the important role played by the E NORTHERN body in building stability in the electricity industry. Only a portion of labour disputes reach the IRB, as both parties are under pressure to resolve their disputes at home before joining the Board. Several thousand cases have been resolved by the employers and local unions who have negotiated in good faith, knowing that as a last resort, this “supreme court of the electrical industry” is open to them. In addition, the ECURIT`s decisions over the years have established a model for local contractors and unions to be followed to resolve their differences, making many appeals to the Commission unnecessary. NECA chapters, states, districts and regions have developed unique agreements to address certain types of labour and market recovery initiatives. Models of these agreements are available in the presented file.